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Admission - Procedure

Age Limit

A child must meet the following age limits at time of admission
1.Nursery-3 Years at the time of Registration
2.L.K.G - 4 Years at the time of Registration
3. U.K.G - 5 Years at the time of Registration
4 Class 1st - 6 Years at the time of Registration
( One year to be added further per class )


-> A copy of birth certificate of the student
-> Four passport size photographs of the student
-> In case of transfer from other school carry latest mark sheet issued by preivous school
-> Permission of Principal to register the name
-> Medical certificate including blood & eye test
-> Category certificate
-> Visitors photograph


Test and interview for the admission will be conducted in the school premises as per information.Test are held in English and Maths for wchich board syllabus - outlines for each classes is given at the time of registration .The children are then be interviewed . The idea of test and interview is to test the ability of the child to comprehend teaching in English medium and his Mathamatical ability at the level to which admission is sought.If the candidate does not appear for the test or is denied admission after the test , he/she forfeit the registration fees. In all matters regarding admission , the decision of the Principal is final.
Admission will be on he basis of merit and the number of seats available


A) Notice withdrawl of child/children must reach the principal by 10th December. If the parents are desirous of withdrawl their child during the session , either three month notice is required or 3 month fee will be payable in lieu of notice.

B) By the school authorities on any one of the following grounds

1. Overage age in any class.
2. Truancy
3. Charater disorder
4. Consistent weakness in studies
5. Disobedience to the school rules and regulations
6. Students who get married
7. Moral breach considered serious by the school management


As long as school does not receive grant in aid from the goverment the school is constrained to revise the fee structure annually to meet the rise in expenditure Tuition fee is paid in four installments as follows:-

1. Admission fee and April to June-Before 10th of April
2. July to September-Before 10th of the July
3.October to December-Before 10th of October
4.January to March-Before 10th of January